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 Acupuncture and Dietary supplement

Acupuncture is an ancient healing technique that has originated over 3000 years; it is useful in the treatment of some acute or chronic ailment, disorders, and illnesses. strengthen the immune system, and relieve pain. 


A dietary supplement is also a ancient healing technique; that address a wide range of healthy problems. Dietary supplements are commonly applied with acupuncture sessions if necessary. 


Modern techniques allow several pleasant methods of delivery for dietary supplements. They can be transformed into pills, capsules, granules, tinctures, or topical.


Meet Our Team

Our goal is to provide you with all the care that you need under one roof, keeping you comfortable and making your care affordable.  

Our office is one of the most advanced and modern. We dedicate ourselves to taking continuing professional education courses, staying current medical new research and discovery. All are part of the methods for patient care. 

Because the health and well-being of our patients is our primary concern, our office work in concert to create and maintain a warm and caring environment.


Dr. Liu


Founder and CEO of CoR Technology


Ellis Hsu

Office Manager


Dr. Wang



Anna Chen

Clinic Assistant


Sharon Xu



Yong Li

Clinic Assistant


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Introducing the energy  maintenance theory of aging

 We are aging because we do not get proper energy to support body cells structure and function anymore. Cells are the basis of life. ATP-energy currency plays the key role for human healthy span and lifespan

CoR dietary supplements potential optimize & restore cell structures and functions that were lost due to the effects of natural aging, environment factors, or unknown reasons.

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      The Energy Maintenance Theory of Aging

      Understanding ATP



New Frontiers in In vitro fertilization (IVF) is mitochondrial energy transfer. CoR rejuvenates mitochondrial cellular function. Many infertility specialists support the existence of a relationship between the levels of mitochondrial DNA and the quality of the blastocysts. Ovarian aging leads to a decrease in the quantity and quality of oocytes and aged oocytes have a reduced number of mitochondria. Mitochondrial DNA may be used as a new test in evaluating embryonic vitality.

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