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Immune System 

Mitochondria cells produce energy (ATP), is ubiquitously used for cell-to-cell communication to regulate the balance between.  


In maintaining mitochondria operate at a much higher temperature close to 50°C. (body heat at temperature of 37.5°C) There are thousands of mitochondria in each cell of the human body, each of which can generate temperatures more than 10°C hotter than the human body's bulk temperature. The temperature response is a hallmark of infection and inflammatory disease.


There is also growing evidence linking the heat shock protein to cancer vaccine.  Briefly, when a pathogen enters our body, as the heat is attempt by the human immune system, body’s defense against or fight off an infection or illness “fever” is generated.


This increase in mitochondrial cells temperature alone by increasing ATP production to support better mitochondrial function may be capable of killing a virus that is sensitive temperature.  

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