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Sexuality (hormone glands)

Sexuality is an important contributor to quality of life in many patients with chronic illness that needs attention. Sexuality is part of who we are and how we relate to others, but more specifically, encompasses how we share intimacy and love with another person.  

Mitochondrial function is affecting sexual hormone glands in many things, including:

  • Aging is associated with a decline in the levels of different steroid hormones, 

  • Stress, loss of sensation, chronic pain, and drug use. 

  • Lack of energy for sex dramatically decrease libido.

  • Having a reactive loss of interest in intimacy often due to the trauma, that results anxiety and depression.

  • A positive body image is an important part of self-esteem  or sexual self-esteem.

  • Feeling of dependency is relating to the mitochondrial function.


Mitochondria is a central target for sex differences in pathologies,  will aid in find that path to a health sexuality.

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